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Dual DashCam

Advanced AI-powered dual dash camera that combines cutting-edge technology and top-quality hardware components.

Experience enhanced driver safety with the Fleet dual dash camera. Equipped with AI technology, it provides real-time analysis and alerts to ensure a safer driving experience. Stay informed and proactive with features like remote wake-up and video upload.

Capture every detail with the dual HD video telematics of the Fleet dual dash camera. This device offers crystal-clear video footage and real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to monitor your fleet efficiently and accurately.

With in-cab alerts, you’ll be instantly notified of any potential risks or driver behavior that requires attention. The lightning-fast installation ensures that you can start benefiting from this powerful dash cam in no time.

Invest in the Fleet dual dash camera for your fleet and enjoy the advantages of real-time video analytics and telematics. Enhance driver safety and gain valuable insights to optimize your fleet management.


Modular Dual Camera Solution

  • - Road Video & Safety Alerts
  • - Driver-Facing Camera Option
  • - AI Distracted & Fatigue Detection
  • - Tracking Plus Video
  • - Plug & Play Installation

Update as technology or needs advance
KP2’s road-facing dashcam records potential events and stores them in the cloud for fast after-the-fact review. Cloud-based technology keeps the device simple, affordable and future-proof, easy to update as technology advances. Equally important, it eliminates the time-wasting frustration of false positives so common in more expensive road-facing systems that tout real-time alerts.

Optional, snap-on forward-facing camera
With a clever snap-on design, the driver-facing camera can be added to the KP2 quickly and easily at the time of purchase, later, or never. This AI-enabled road-facing dashcam offers cost-effective edge computing with a flexible array of Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and the SmartWitness Driver State Monitoring (DSM) system for driver safety and support.

ADAS and DSM foster safer driving with natural voice notifications
Choose the alert options that are most important to the user, whether all ADAS, all DSM or a combination of both. Both ADAS and DSM real-time alert notifications are available in a natural voice versus buzzing and beeping which can distract, confuse and annoy drivers.

Available ADAS features exemplify the signature SmartWitness “critical few functionality” approach, focusing on what’s most valuable to minimize cost. Options include real-time tailgating, forward collision and pedestrian presence alerts.

KP2’s DSM features include a critical-few selection of driver fatigue, distracted driver, driver phone use, seatbelt use/improper seatbelt use and driver smoking alerts.

Easy to install, use and swap out
The modular windshield-mounted design offers plug-and-play ease — so easy to install that end users can do it; easy to operate with a minimum of training required; easy to swap out for servicing. Users will appreciate the time this saves, giving them more time on the road.


Four Channel Video MDVR


This four-channel connected vehicle DVR operates with ultrafast 4G/LTE, uploading data 10x faster than 3G devices. With instant notification of safety-critical events and real-time location and behavior tracking, commercial vehicle owners can respond quickly when issues arise.

The CP4S supports up to four SmartWitness HD (720p) cameras for crystal-clear video on all channels. Add an in-cab monitor to increase driver visibility and safety. With a nearly 360-degree view, the video tells the complete story of any incidents, quickly resolving insurance claims and exonerating drivers.

A compact, commercial-grade design makes the CP4S a fit in virtually any vehicle. Next-generation data security, automatic system health checks and protection from power disruptions keep data secure and available on demand 24/7. A Wi-Fi-only version (CP4S-W) is also available, which is perfect for existing network environments.

The CP4S is certified on Verizon, AT&T and UScellular networks

The CP4S is a powerful, compact and discreet product that provides the ability to have up to 4 HD cameras, giving fleet managers and drivers nearly 360-degree vehicle visibility awareness. The CP4S records second-by-second data on the onboard SD card and, if an incident occurs, gathers the 10 seconds before and after the incident and sends it to the cloud for immediate viewing. This saves time and focuses the customer’s attention on what needs to be seen, as opposed to sifting through hours of footage of drivers doing exactly what they should be doing.

While the law presumes innocence, commercial drivers are often assumed guilty on the scene. The incident video serves as valuable evidence, revealing the truth of what happened and protecting drivers from many of the issues faced on the roads today: insurance fraud, staged accidents, false/exaggerated whiplash claims, conflicting reports of actual events, driving offense allegations (speeding, traffic signal violations, swerving, distracted driving, etc.).


Eight Channel Video MDVR


The SmartWitness CRX mobile DVR offers high-definition (HD) in-vehicle CCTV recording for up to eight cameras.

The CRX provides fleet operators with an effective way to monitor and manage their remote assets in the field. In the event of an incident or allegation, the CRX HD eight-channel mobile DVR will aid in the investigation process and reduce potential cost and exposure. In-vehicle CCTV delivers actual video footage in the event of a claim, encourages safer, more fuel-efficient driving, monitors driving behaviors and enhances the overall safety and security for the driver, fleet operator and other road users.


The CRX includes a built-in three-axis G-sensor, GPS, eight alarm input triggers, flexible and powerful storage using an SSD (up to 1TB) and SD card backup storage (up to 128GB). The mobile DVR device itself is slim and compact, only 7″ x 7″ x 2″, and is connected directly to the vehicle’s battery power and ignition for fully automated operation. Connect an optional dashboard-mounted LCD display to provide the driver with a real-time 360-degree view of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Video Telematics
fleet safety view_section_image2

Fleet Safety View fleet video tracking software helps deliver driver safety and protection information within seconds of an incident taking place. That may be a road collision, an unsafe speeding event or when someone wants to know you’re looking out for them. GPS vehicle position data is sent from a SmartWitness connected video camera to the portal, so you can accurately track a vehicle and replay its route via the simple-to-use web application.

Industry statistics show that the faster any claim can be picked up and managed by your insurer (whether your fault or not), the cheaper the claim is to resolve. The lower the claim cost, the less impact it has on your insurance renewal/loss ratio. Fleet Safety View combines fleet video tracking with GPS tracking in one convenient application, allowing fleets to reduce and consolidate their recurring technology costs.

  • Video evidence to exonerate you and your driver from false claims
  • Built-in microphone, G-sensor and GPS to provide crucial evidence during incident analysis
  • Live vehicle location tracking
  • Vehicle trip history reports
  • On-demand live streaming video
  • Audible alarm option to encourage safe driving behaviors in real time to the driverSmartAnalysis software to review, back up, report and share incident video/data
  • Potential insurance premium protection/reduction
  • Theft/crime deterrent
  • Increased speed of claim resolution
  • Proven reduction of incident frequency and disputed claims